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Jun. 17th, 2011


looking for someone who's also about to start!

I am about to start with immunetherpy in september, getting three kind of shots; against dust mites, grasses and trees. My doctor was reluctant on getting me started, because my skin reacts severe in my allergic periods. is there anyone who is also about to start? I would like to share experiences, since I don't know anyone jet with the same kind of (medical) problems that I have. 

Mar. 3rd, 2007

wyatt 11




My name is Carrie, and I was very excited to hear about this community.  I am 22 and am in my 2nd year of immunotherapy for dogs and cats.  Basically, I've been allergic to dogs and cats my entire life, but only realized when I was about 12.  When I was born my family already had two dogs, and so I never realized that they caused my constant sneezing until they died when I was 12.  I also has asthma, which always got bad (not life threatening though) when exposed to allergens.  My allergies have been a huge problem for me since animals are what I love more than anything else.  My sophomore year of college, I had a roommate who was getting allergy shots, so it sounded really interesting to me.  I went to my mom's doctor and got a referral to an allergist in Quincy.  They did the breathing test (for the asthma) and the scratch test, and the same day did the intradermal test.  I was pretty severely allergic to cats and dogs, and mildly allergic to some trees.  The doctor instantly said I should do the allergy shots, mostly because of my asthma.  He also put me on Zyrtec, which has been a godsend.  I was on allegra before and it did nothing.  I started the allergy shots in August 2005 and have improved a lot.  For example, my sister has three dogs, a long haired border collie, short haired german shepherd mix and a pomapoo (pomeranian/poodle mix).  When I went there before, I would soon have sneezing, itchy eyes, and bad asthma attacks so that I couldn't sleep.  The allergy shots have eliminated the asthma attacks probably 90% of the time.  I've been taking them for a year and a half though, so I hope my symptoms continue to improve.

Feb. 12th, 2007


just complaining

so, i have to do more testing this week, this time the metacholine test, and i was told to stop taking my allergy meds as of today until after the test. i have been awake for only two hours and already i am miserable. miserable!

i so cant wait till this is all done so i can start the immunetherapy!


Feb. 7th, 2007

utena_i'm a prince


My Turn to Share

'allo. I figured I might as well join, even though I'm possibly on my last year of allergy shots.

I've been taking them ever since elementary school. Indoor and outdoor allergies, animals, perfume, cologne, hairsrpay, and augmentan (I don't think that's spelled right). Thankfully, no food allergies.

Now, at first, or maybe it was after a period of time, my parents and I noticed that my allergies weren't getting any better. I was taking sudafed every day, ever x hours that you can take it. My allergist said, "Well, there's nothing that I can do." Unsatisfied/unhappy with that answer, we go in search for another allergist. He tests me and goes, "Oh, you just need stronger syrums is all." And ever since then, I've been happy. I can actually be in the same room as a real-life Christmas tree =D (even though I'm still happier with a fake one). Oh, and I rarely take sudafed now. I've also only recieved one nasal infection since then (used to get them 2245 times before).

So, even if you're taking shots, still get tested once a year. 1) To see improvements 2) To see if you need something stronger, like I did o.O;; Oh, and in case the nurses forget to tell you too, stop taking something like zyrtec two days before testing date. Just to make sure that it won't interfere with the testing. But since I was able to show some reactions, they still did it.

The only thing I don't like is waiting 20mn after getting the shots. 'Cause they need to see if there's a reaction, and if there is, record it.


intro and vireo

hey everyone! i joined the other day and havent had the chance to post and say hi yet. i joined when i saw a post in another allergy community, and figured this is perfect, as i have recently been looking into immuntherapy. i recentlywas tested with my immunologist, he did the skin testing, my family doctor did the blood testing. so i have had lots of testing. i'm pretty much allergic to everything, my entire environment with few exceptions, and most foods, as well as pesticides and additives! (seriously!)

anyhow, i havent started anythign yet, because my doctor wanted to run some more tests because he wanted to be "very careful with someone like me"... i have a follow up appointment coming up where i am hoping that we will take the next steps to actually start my immunetherapy. he sent me home the last time with material on therapies, not just the allergy shots, but also on Vireo, the sublingual therapy. i have done a lot of research on this, and i am pretty much sold on it. its new to the US but its been in use in Europe for 60 years, and theres never been a reported reaction from it, unlike the shots, you can do it at home yourself, instead of going to the drs office... theres many advantages to it that outweigh the shots, for me.

what i am wondering is, has anyone here had any experiences with the Vireo therapy? what are your experiences with the traditional allergy shots?

Feb. 5th, 2007

[wicked] accepting


Interdermal Testing Reactions

I had my interdermal allergy testing done a week ago today. I have two spots on my right arm and one on my left that are *still* reacting. They're bright red, and the one on my left arm started peeling earlier today. I didn't think these things were supposed to react quite this long and like this. To top it off, i've felt steadily more sick over the course of the last week. Today I had a (be it very slight) sub temperature. The only thing I have been exposed to is the allergy testing. I wouldn't think of the connection except for the red spots I still have on my arms. When i called my allergist on Thursday to get his reaction to the fact that i was still reacting then all he said was that I'm really allergic. :-(

This worries me. If I'm this allergic to the stuff interdermally, how sick am I gonna be from the shots...?

Feb. 2nd, 2007

[books] Reading One Book


Starting Allergy Shots

What has/was starting allergy shots/Immunotherapy like for you?
[yw] Greeting and Defiance


Allergy Work-Up Results

I finally got into an allergist earlier this year. I had some pretty strong reactions with just the scratch test. So, knew after that I would be getting allergy shots to some degree. However, Monday I had the interdermal testing and got a complete list of all my known allergins.

So, it's no wonder I've felt so bleh. I am still however, reacting to the in terdermal testing I had done Monday. I still have some pretty bright red welts on each arm. Although i've finally stopped having to put anti-itch cream on every 15 minutes. That's down to a few times a day today. Phew!

I am a little concerned about how I will react to the allergy shots if my interdermal reactions have lasted this long. I mean, at this rate, I'll be lucky to get a day or two of reprieve between injections. That kind of worries me given the fact that I'm working, doing a practicum, and doing grad school right now. I'm going to talk to my allergist if I can on monday and see what he advises.